Landing Gigs May Never Be the Same For Budding Artists

Music venues in the world’s entertainment capital went dark in March 2020. For these venues, both large and small, the road back to normalcy has been arduous. Despite vaccine rollouts and Los Angeles being upgraded to a ‘yellow tier’ in terms of COVID precautions, clubs and concert halls remain dormant.

Living in Van Nuys my entire life, change is noticeable. Whether it be gradual or sudden, the slightest change to my family’s neighborhood is recognized. While the lives of many have changed exponentially due to COVID, Van Nuys still seems the same, to me.

General as it may seem, it’s home to me. Ventura Blvd. to Sepulveda Basin — all a part of my upbringing and normal life.

Growing up…

Dylan Sherry

LA-based musician and journalist.

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